Saturday, January 11, 2014

Offensive content?

Saw this cartoon and immediately was reminded of various fellow bloggers being lectured occasionally about offensive content. I've never understood why anyone would feel like they had a right to dictate what other people do with their blogs or Facebook posts. If a site has adult content (raw language, pinup photos), so what? No one is out there twisting your arm forcing you to visit a blog site or to read a particular post. Sooner or later everyone ends up at a blog they don't like when doing a Google search or clicking on a link at another site, but once you've figured out you're not interested in reading about the joys of motherhood, the perils of gardening, or looking at pictures of cats or naked people (or some combination of the two), why not just move on? Unless the site is promoting illegal activities (kiddy porn, terrorist plots, hate crimes) that merit reporting it to someone in law enforcement, just make a mental note to yourself that the site doesn't have any content that interests you and get on with your life. Why bother to hang around to complain in the comments? There are way too many people out there who need to find more productive hobbies.

As for the folks who complain that they're worried about what their children might see -- the accidental viewing of James Deen's dick, for example -- there's the same solution to that problem that is the solution to most problems with kids. Talk to the little barracudas about the various potholes in the information superhighway, pay attention to their browsing habits, and keep adult technology out of their grubby little hands until they're old enough to be semi-responsible.


  1. Well, you took care of that one nicely. Can't really comment cause you said what needed to be said. Have a snowy day up there. We got about 5 inches. Pretty.

  2. Cute cartoon...

    As for kids, they are going to see and learn things no matter how much control you try to have over them. We did....

  3. Twice the thumpers have went after me over the skin on my former blogs - If you don't like seeing naked women - don't visit blogs that have naked women.
    My new blog- is skin free. Now, you might read a "F" word now and then.

    BBC is right!Kids are going to learn.Don't you remember the "hot" books in high school with the worn pages? That was before Shades of Grey...


  4. Way too many people telling way too many other people how to live their lives. In the scheme of things, their opinions "don't mean sheeeeeeit" - Mr. Natural

  5. We are adults for fuck sakes.

    the Ol'Buzzard


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