Monday, January 27, 2014

Thinking about donating Grandad's fishing stuff to a museum?

You might want to go through it first to make sure there's nothing stashed in it that you'd prefer the whole world not know about. I was cataloging a stack of odds and ends that included a Helin Tackle Co. pamphlet devoted to explaining the wonders of a Flatfish lure. Something tells me the old dude figured out that his fishing books were one place his significant other would never bother looking for anything risque. This was tucked in the pages:
Definitely an early 1950s classic pose. Of course, back at the time both the picture and the pamphlet were new, the old dude wasn't that old, maybe in his 40s, and obviously interested in more than just fish. 

I have a hunch that one of these days I'll stumble across actual porn, which will then raise some interesting cataloging questions. It would qualify as historic material, but would it be relevant to our museum's mission? And do I bother noting just who made the donation so future generations will know exactly who to thank for the vintage smut? 

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