Friday, January 3, 2014

It's hard being a grammar Nazi

I find nifty memes on the Internet, cute little quotes and graphics and fun stuff that at first blush I think, hey, neat, I'll use that on the blog or I'll pass it along on Facebook. Then the copy editor personality kicks in, and there's the inevitable face palm. What is so terribly difficult about writing a simple sentence without screwing it up?

This one, for example, should read "Some days the supply of available curse words is insufficient to meet my demands." A space between "some" and "days" and no comma. How hard is that to get right? Too hard, apparently, for the humans behind the website.

Head. Desk. I like the thought trying to be expressed in this graphic but do I really want to pass on yet another example of sloppy writing on the Internet?


  1. Why even try to be a wurd kop as long as you understand what folks are saying? English is a piece of shit so just let it go at that.

    Dora has terrible spelling and grammar word skills but I can sort out what she is saying so why should I always be jumping on her?

    There is a fucking bitch on the internut that jumps on every fucking mistake I make and she seldom agrees with me on my views.

    I have never hated anyone as much as I hate that fucking vain and smug bitch, if she dies tomorrow I'll be a happy man.

  2. It's hard to stop reacting like a grammar Nazi when I was a professional one (copy editor). It would be kind of like asking you to stop thinking like a mechanic when you hear an engine make a weird noise. I ignore typos and awkward phrasing most of the time, though, because I make more than my fair share myself. Most people tend to think faster than they type so everyone leaves out words or has typographical errors. What is a minor annoyance are the examples like the graphic. Someone created that with the full intention of having people share it, but he or she managed to screw up big time before writing more than two words. From a copy editor's perspective, that's painful.

  3. I'm sick as hell and right now it is hard to type just one sentence without a dozen mistakes and trying to catch and fix them. And my brain has slipped on my spelling skills.

    Like any country we have a lot of dialectics and I think that is a good thing.

    If we all talked like one person in this county thinks we should we may become a bunch of boring fucks.

  4. Dora's skills are really bad and I used to get on her some, would tell her to have someone proof read her posts, but what the hell, it isn't me that is looking that bad and she is well liked and we just take her as she is.


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