Monday, January 20, 2014


I need to start carrying a tripod along when we go anywhere at night. I've been wanting to get a night shot of the sign for Bingo's Motel and Bar for years, but it's hard to take a good photo of neon with a hand held camera.

I'm not sure how many years the motel has been in business or how long the sign's be there -- the fact it highlights the availability of TV suggests it's been quite a few years -- but every time we drive by I wonder how they manage to stay in business. Maybe it's the time of day we're passing by, but there are rarely any cars parked by any of the units. The establishment appears well maintained, though, so obviously they do have customers.

In fact, they had customers when we stopped so I could take a photo. Snowmobilers had checked in; there was a pickup with a humongous trailer in the lot.

The Bingo's complex also includes a service station, or it used to. I haven't been paying enough attention recently to know if the garage is still open or if they still sell gasoline. If it does, this would indeed be a good place for snowmobilers to stay. Spitting distance from the trail system, and everything they want (beer and fuel) close at hand.

I went looking for information about the motel online. I was hoping to find a review or two, and I sort of did, although it was more in praise of the bar. Apparently beer is $2.50, which the person posting the comment viewed as being a good deal. I drink beer so rarely that I no longer know what the average cost is, so I'll take his word for it.

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  1. My uncle John made a heck of a lot of neon signs during his years but any old ones left are in the west as he worked out of S.L.C.

    In this area the cheap drafts are about $2.50, and some canned and bottled beers are, but past that and they go up to five bucks.

    In the bar I go to most of the time a glass of Bud Light is $2.25. A small picture is $3.75 and it equals two glasses.


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