Monday, October 6, 2008

Another mystery solved


  1. I saw it coming and tried to tell others but no one listens to me.

    Americans are stupid, and getting the government they deserve.

  2. Given the amount of evidence out there that fat is linked to genetics, it is rather bigoted to blame people for an aspect of their physiology that they may have little or no control over.

    You think so hey? Well, I replied on my blog in the comments. Ever notice that in any group of people that are heavy they also have a good number of members that are not?

    A local native tribe here for example has many fat members, but not all of them are. They just don't eat too much. You can't make fat if you're not eating the stuff that makes it. All you need to eat is enough to keep you going.

  3. Oh, Billy, you really don't want to argue genetics or physiology with someone who works at Large Nameless Agency and makes a living writing and editing papers on human health. It's an area where there are no simple answers -- some of the same things that we're told will kill us when we're old (high cholesterol, for example) are adaptations that helped keep our ancestors alive through the breeding years back before society industrialized. One of these days I'll have to do a long post on the topic.

  4. Billy stop the bombardment.

    I love this cartoon.


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