Thursday, October 30, 2008

Large Nameless Agency actually performs as promised

YouTube is gone. Every place where someone says they have a video on their blog is just a big empty white space now. There isn't even the placeholder saying "content has been blocked."

Now, if they could only manage to function that efficiently when killer jalapenos cross the border.

Actually, I shouldn't knock LNA. They're really, really good at doing reactive epidemiology. It's not their job to do the screenings at the borders (that's DHS and USDA's responsibility). If LNA is asked to find the cause of something yucky that has state or local health departments baffled they'll be incredibly tenacious and eventually come up with the right answer, but they're not the guys on the front lines trying to stop the yuck from coming in to begin with.


  1. Phooey on the LNA for blocking YouTube. Still, I'm glad they are there doing what they do. You, too.

  2. youtube is gone?...huh?
    no one tells me anything..

    hey, no one cares what we with crap on it from mexico?...who food with melamene...too bad..
    fish has toxin, tough shit...we owe them to much money for anyone in power to care about what's in our food.

  3. Oh, people care -- the problem is no one wants to face the hard truths that would be required to fix the problems. Cargill, ADM, et al have way too much money for lawmakers to actuall regulate what they do. And no one wants to pay taxes for anything, including food inspectors wages.

    Another subject for a rant. The list keeps growing.

  4. It's a arant worth having. We need to prioritize and this might be an administration friendly to "we the people." Maybe Cargill, ADM at al will get regulated and taxed. Hang in there. Politics isn't over when the voting's done.

  5. I just looked at Utube and it is still very much there. I've never posted a Utube on my blog so I don't know if that would work or not.

    Wait, I was just at a blog with a Utube vid on it, what are you talking about?

  6. You Tube is blocked where I work so I can no longer amuse myself on coffee breaks or at lunch by looking at music or comedy videos.

    The irony, such as it is, is that LNA actually posts to You Tube, too, as part of its health education program -- but none of that material is now viewable from a computer at work.

  7. Sorry to hear about that -- stoopid bandwidth issues!


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