Friday, October 24, 2008

h/t Yikes


  1. excuse my redneck...but 'fuck joe the plumber'

  2. I'm pleased to know that Utah Savage thinks that I'm a boring old coot. And of course Yellowdog Granny hates me also.

    Well, geez, this boring old coot can hike both of their fat asses into the dirt. With this hernia that isn't going to be fixed until next Friday.

    In fact I'm hiking into the hot springs tomorrow.

    My personal opinion is that most people have no business logging onto the Internet during working hours except for company business.

    If I caught an employee doing anything else I would can their ass. When I had a business I paid the wages, for them to work for me, not fuck off.

    In many years as a service manager I fired a lot of people for fucking off on company time. Fuck off on your own time like I do.

  3. BBC...I'm to busy with my life to even think about you and I don't hate anyone..
    well..maybe the eagles football team.


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