Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Portents and omens

I don't know if this is a good sign or not, but here at Large Nameless Agency in the latest round of revisions on The Document, the strategic plan I've been working for the past 3 months, every direct reference to the Current Occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania has been scrubbed. Sentences that had read "President George W. Bush signed. . . " now read simply "the President signed." I have a hunch the next time I see the document even that will have been revised to read something like "the directive was signed on. . . " We had a callout that was a George W. Bush quote that was actually quite appropriate for the content -- it's gone and it's not coming back.

It isn't me doing it -- I may not have a whole lot of use for aWol, but I'm also a historian and recognize the man does exist and did sign the various Presidential Directives that are driving the project. Much as I'd love to erase him from history in general, I see no particular need to scrub his fingerprints from one of the few sensible things he's done in office. And I do respect the office even if I don't respect aWol as a person. These revisions are coming from people much higher in the food chain, folks who occupy offices in the District, not here in Atlanta. To invoke a cliche, you don't need a weathervane. . .

Heard on the news this morning that nation-wide something like 9% of registered voters have already voted. This definitely is an election that Repugnicans are going to have to work really hard at in order to steal it. (I think they're trying here in Georgia, but sheer numbers are hopefully going to make it impossible.)


  1. I'm heartened by the numbers of voters. They are standing in lines in Cartersville to vote early. I've never seen that before.

    As for Large Nameless Agency - interesting. I agree there's not need to pretend Bush never existed. If he's done something good, give him credit for it.

    But let's hope he's held accountable for all the horrors he's wrought, as well.

  2. Bob Dylan--"You don't need Weatherman to know which way the wind blows."

    I want Dubya's name on every little thing he nad anything to do with--every little tiny good or nasty thing. I'm worried that this might be the only administration in our history where all the dark, nasty things have been scrubbed clean, but the one good thing will be put on a pedestal to symbolize what a nice guy he was. No, not so easy Dubya. I'm kind of glad to hear that Large Nameless Agency is out to make him disappear as quickly and quietly as possible.

  3. I'd like to see him disappear off the face of the eath..like 8 years ago.can anyone even imagine what this country would be like if he hadn't been president the past 8 years?....sigh*
    all the voting places are full with waiting lines here in texas


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