Friday, October 24, 2008

Depressing news at work this morning

Logged in, started reading e-mail, and saw this:

In an ongoing effort to continually improve and effectively manage LNA's network resources, and to alleviate the current saturation of LNA's Internet connection, we will begin to block generalized access to the YouTube and Google Video Web sites, as of Tuesday, October 28.

While the steps outlined in the previous announcement below beneficially reduced bandwidth usage and Internet connection congestion, additional filtering is required for YouTube and Google Video sites, which currently account for the highest percentage of Internet bandwidth usage at LNA.
Obviously, I'm not the only cyber-slacker taking up office space here at Large Nameless Agency. (The previous filtering was to block high band-width advertising, i.e., ads with animation and video instead of just a static block of text and graphics.)


  1. Ah, man. That bites. The only place I can really watch videos is at work.

  2. There is always Sudoku and the on-line crosswords.

  3. I found out about the YouTube filtering at my job when I was trying to find a tutorial for some software I was working with.


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