Sunday, October 5, 2008

Awesome Relish

Or, how I spent my weekend.

1. The Younger Daughter will rejoice. In a rare burst of domesticity I made 9 pints of Awesome Relish (aka my mother's carrot relish recipe). Tammi has a serious addiction to the stuff.

2. Scored an amazing find at Goodwill -- a plastic bag with at least $50 worth of high quality thread for a mere $2.19. It's one of those typical "leftover from an estate sale" type of donations where several dozen spools of thread got bagged together to make them easier to sell. If I were a more imaginative writer, it might have inspired me to wax eloquent on mortality and little old ladies and their fabric and thread stashes that they spend years building up. . . and then their unappreciative heirs just have an estate sale specialist bag it all up and sell it for almost nothing. Even sadder, no quilters or crafters notice it at the sale -- and it all ends up at Goodwill. In short, a vaguely poignant vignette on the fragility of humanity. Instead, I'm just exulting in having scored all this great thread for next to nothing.

3. Talked the S.O. into watching Part 2 of "John Adams" so now the disc can go back to Netflix. He doesn't seem too thrilled with the prospect of it being a multi-parter -- the snoring was kind of a clue. Guess it is kind of hard sometimes to get excited about a historical drama when you already know the high points (revolution, politics, Adams ends up as president). There was a scene, though, that metaphorically nailed politics in general -- Adams thoroughly enjoying digging in a manure pile.


  1. ah, the relish looks goooood...
    all i have done the past 2 weeks is fall asleep in the middle of shows..the debate, sons of anarchy, shield, desparate housewives...just bonk out like a light...kinda nice..

  2. Wow. That relish really does look yummy.

    I fell asleep watching John Adams, too.


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