Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling like Fall

In more ways than one. The weather has turned brisk, almost like an upper Michigan summer, and I'm kind of struggling to stay vertical while adjusting to a muscle relaxant prescribed for muscle spasms in my left shoulder. Looked it up and read the phrase "rapid onset." No shit. I drop the pill, and in what seems like nanoseconds I'm stumbling for the nearest chair/bed/floor. I cut out early from work because I absolutely cannot take them there -- I'd be face down and drooling on the desk in no time flat. Learned that the hard way yesterday when I took one right after I got to work, my reasoning being "it'll wear off by the time I have to drive home," which it did -- but I was also basically useless for half the day. (It really cut into my Sudoku playing time.)

Took one shortly after walking in the door here and went from being vertical and carrying on a conversation with the S.O. about some minor technical Blogger issue (he's trying to change the colors for his links) to being semi-comatose in the recliner in, I swear, 10 seconds. I'm not sure I want the shoulder to get better.

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  1. muscle relaxers work on your tongue...hard to keep it in your mouth and dooling


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